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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dozens U.S Secret Service Agents Involved In Prostitution Scandal

Secret Service Prostitution Scandal in which twelve agents are being involved. Embarrassing news among U.S people the agency involved was set to protect President Of United States BARACK OBAMA had ashamed for the mess overshadowing his diplomatic mission to Latin America.
Saturday all agents were on leave agency investigates the allegations that they brought prostitutes into there hotel rooms in Cartagena, Colombia, on Wednesday night.
Five United States military service employees who were working with the Secret Service unit have been confined to quarters and are facing an investigation because they violated a curfew and might “have been involved in inappropriate conduct” in the same hotel as the agents, the military said.

The Secret Service employees, including both agents and officers, had been sent to Colombia to provide support to teams preparing security measures ahead of the president’s arrival. On Friday, the Secret Service abruptly replaced the entire unit.

"Though the agency has said Obama's security was not compromised, the allegations of misconduct have brought intense scrutiny to an agency that had not had any major lapse since 2009, when two party crashers entered the White House uninvited. But the incident continued to grow Saturday when the Defense Department announced that five military personnel, who also are staying at the Hotel Caribe, violated curfew Wednesday night and have been confined to their rooms."

On Friday, the hotel began filling up with the delegations of some of the more than 30 countries whose leaders are convening for the weekend Summit of the Americas.

The hotel's public relations director, Ana Beatriz Angel, refused to comment on the incident, which she said "concerns only and exclusively the U.S. government."

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