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Monday, August 9, 2010

Adibasi Girl 11 minutes MMS Footage Forced To Walk

 She loved a boy of dissimilar community Police were shocked to hear that few people including panchayats new of the incident but hadn’t bothered to inform the administration. An Adibasi girl was forced to walk naked for 8km across the village. She was just 17-year-old treated so badly by people of that village just because of the community disorder. 
An MMS footage released while the men were walking after her and molesting her.

This incident was happened four months ago but the girl was too traumatized to go to the higher authorities. This shameful and horrific incident. Some frames in the video are, too, horrific to watch. The adivasi girl has a dazed, dead look on her face as she staggers along dusty dirt tracks.


Rex said...

What gives people the right to do such a dehumanizing thing like this?

What is preventing the Government to give life imprisonment to all the already proven guilty in this video as a strong and clear warning for any such things in the future unless the Government is also in some ways party to this unlawful and barbaric incident or it simply is spineless to act justly in this clear case of injustice.

Things like this make me wish for "Marshal Law"

The right thing to do is to punish those already proven guilty severely and to restore dignity to that innocent girl in ways more than one.

Anonymous said...

These people should be killed.
Government is sleeping or what.
This is really disturbing and shocking. Its a shame for our nation. Police cannot do anything unless and until govt stand beside them.